Let’s pretend I’m a dragon in this world I made and
Let’s pretend that the bad ones are already slain and
Let’s pretend I can fly away into the sun and stay

Let’s pretend I’m a princess in this poly gown and
Let’s pretend there’s a castle on a distant cloud and
Let’s pretend that I’m waking now, somewhere I’m wanted now

In my dreams I outgrow my seams and I’m not contained
I don’t need anyone or thing and I can’t be blamed, can’t be blamed

Let’s pretend I’m invisible to the naked eye and
Let’s pretend that it’s raining somewhere when I cry and
Let’s pretend I don’t wanna die, believe and it’s not a lie

In my dreams I fit perfectly, I’m not in the way
No one screams, we all laugh and sing and it’s all okay, all okay

Let’s pretend there’s a place out there for you and me and
Let’s pretend we’re always together wild and free and
Let’s pretend for eternity, it feels so good to me

When we die it’ll be alright cause we’ll still live on
We’ll be there, where they finally care after this life’s gone, this life’s gone

Themes: childhood, escapism, suicidal ideation, religion, interpersonal relationships

Current stage: Development Tour

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