Analog Album Tour

November 17th feat Bonnie Schwarz at ONEONESIX, Whangarei NZ
November 19th feat Bonnie Schwarz at Turner Centre, Kerikeri NZ
November 22nd with Bonnie Schwarz at Lopdell Theatre, Auckland NZ
December 1st The Backroom, Berkeley CA
December 2nd Sezane, San Francisco CA
December 3rd Sezane, San Francisco CA
December 3rd Tupelo, San Francisco CA
December 4th Tupelo, San Francisco CA
December 5th Physical Music Products, Nashville, TN
December 12th Singers In The Round at Aretha’s Jazz Cafe, Detroit MI
December 13th Big Leap Podcast, Troy MI
December 14th 11 Mile Sessions, Ferndale MI

December 15th Creative Civic Engagement Workshop at GAAH, Grand Rapids MI
December 18th feat Anthony Marchese at The Ark, Ann Arbor MI
December 19th Jack & Jules VIP, Wyandotte MI
December 22nd Music Mavens of Michigan, Detroit MI
January 11th Vic’s Winehouse, San Francisco, CA
January 12th Studio Session, San Francisco, CA
January 13th Cafe Bazaar, San Francisco, CA
January 26th Auckland Folk Festival, Auckland NZ
February 16th Cultural Conversations, Nelson NZ
February 24th ArtBeat, Whangarei NZ
February 25th Bunker Hill Unplugged, Auckland NZ

Musician and producer Maggie Cocco fuses pop, art song, and balladry in her award winning song cycles for voice, piano, and sometimes cello.

Science for Sociopaths is an evocative theatrical art pop project delving deep into themes of systemic and interpersonal wounds and connection. “Like A Moth” is the first of two meticulously crafted song cycles that follow our heroine through the course of one or more tumultuous relationships. Exhibitions and an accompanying booklet feature artworks created at multimedia Science for Sociopaths shows where live performances often morph into semi or fully improvised multimedia experiments featuring local artists and audience participation. Partnership with Anzac Road Analog Recording in Whangarei, New Zealand from 2022 has resulted in a months long journey to capture the essence of these unique performances. Joined in the studio by acclaimed cellist Bonnie Schwarz [UK] on cello, the duo perform Cocco’s songs, interlinked by key relationships, motif, and story, with nuance and sensitivity.

Like A Moth is Maggie Cocco’s first self produced and first analog album.