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Journey in G Minor

A few weeks ago I shared with you all a short instrumental piece that I’d run through some software to give an electronic flare. Though unfinished in my opinion, the friend who had commissioned the piece felt that it would serve his purposes as is.

That was pretty exciting! It got me thinking about experimenting more broadly with my compositions. This past week I started a class on music and television/film, which will eventually cover topics from how to submit music for placement to how to write and identify music that is more likely to be placed. Spoiler alert: instrumental music, being less situation-specific than most vocal music, is more marketable.

With this in mind, I went back to the short instrumental, stripped it of it’s electronic clothes, and approaching it as a piece for solo piano, I started following it down the rabbit hole. What emerged was a journey in G minor, deviating from but always returning to the original themes. I covered a lot of ground! I’m so encouraged and inspired by the way the music seemingly drew me along that I’ve decided to attempt a “journey in each key,” just to see where each one takes me. (Musician’s note: There is so much melodic material within “Journey in G minor” that I wonder if any of the same material will appear in various keys, or if each key will present itself in an entirely unique light. It will be interesting to see…)

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Musicians tend to agree that each key has it’s own “personality.” Songwriters will often turn to particular keys known to engender certain emotions just by virtue of their inherent sound. A songwriter wishing to write something joyful or triumphant sounding may choose to write in the key of D, F, or G Major. A songwriter wishing to express pain or grief may choose to write in the key of B minor, C# minor, or D minor. For whatever reasons, the interval relationships in these keys are reminiscent of certain emotions for many people. Simple songs, like simple situations, often result in just one prominent emotional response. Complex songs, like complex situations, can result in a great many overlapping emotions. All are relevant and interesting, just like the experiences they are reminiscent of.

The previously released, short version of Journey in Gm contained only the main themes. It felt angsty, intense, and emotional. This extended version of “Journey in G minor (Down the Rabbit Hole)” feels angsty and mischievous. Sometimes playful, often intense, and always emotional.

Do you agree? What feelings does Journey in G minor give you? What would you use this music for?

**Become a patron today – only $1/mo – to download Journey in G Minor and EVERY Science for Sociopaths release**

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